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Ocean and sand


Travel. Create new moments & memories. We love sharing our love for travel and hope that others will find inspiration and plan an adventure. Just Go.

Sand and ocean


Keep your mind going. Find a new hobby. Always have something going on in order to stay busy and to stay learning.

Clear water at the beach


Life. Everyone has a past. You can learn from it, or you can run from it.

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Who is the Reyes Family?

About Us

Welcome! We’re Ernie & Sandra & we’re high school sweet hearts. We have gone through a lot in life, together and apart. But clearly, life is better together- especially with our Bup, Scarlett.

We are sharing our life with you in hopes that you get a spark of hope, advice, or see the light at the end of the amazing tunnel.

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San Diego, CA

Traveling the World

Sandra’s Favorite City: Paris

Ernie’s Favorite City: Barcelona