I strongly dislike being pregnant.

Eeeeekkk! Why would you say that?

Well… because I don’t.

The last 6 months have been an absolute blessing. We found out we were pregnant in February and Elijah would be here in October.

I am now about 8 weeks away and I am READY.

No one tells you about the TRUE adventure of pregnancy. And they should- so start talking ladies!

If you don’t like “personal” things… stop reading now. Haha! Because here is the real content you love…

My back hurts, my feet ache, I’m hungry, I’m nauseous, I can’t breathe, I can’t freaking bend over, each boob is the size of the child inside me & things are looking crazy on this body! Lastly, I’m pretty sure there is a fish inside me.

Pregnant sciatica is a thing. It happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. I see a chiropractor and get massages- no help. Okay, probably a little bit… but there just isn’t much to it. I’ve heard it goes away after pregnancy so please pray for me! Ice, 10 minutes a day and some yoga in the AM, PM, or both!

Your feet swell. Order new shoes before it happens- because it will happen. I elevate them and soak them in hot water but sausage is the new style.

I am very hungry all the time and I can’t eat as much as I used to- hello, there’s no room. I have also been very cautious because I don’t want to gain a bunch of unnecessary weight. However, I get too hungry and then it becomes nausea, so there is a fine middle and it takes some adjusting time to figure it out.

Take the stairs. I literally can’t breathe sometimes and things like singing a few songs at the top of my lungs, hurts… but do it- safely. I have also refused to take the elevator, it’s the little things I suppose.

I used to think pregnant women exaggerated when bending over and I A M S O S O R R Y! Like, I’m squishing his head if I bend that way… so full sumo squat it is. And watch the knees because mama cannot pop lock and drop it anymore so good luck on the way up.

Boobs… I swear they get bigger every day but they have also changed in color & nipple size- WILD! There is also leakage… colostrum decides to ruin your jammies when ever it wants and there is nothing you can do about it.

I have been lucky thus far to not get too many stretch marks and my skin is very good at healing them after anyway- we’ll see what’s in store over the next few weeks… but my armpits are SO dark and it’s so strange. I’ve never had hair on my stomach and it’s probably looking like Elijahs head of hair at this point! And my vag is clearly getting ready for a 10 cm departure because it is just getting strange down there. Oh! And don’t let me forget the other leakage… it just happens, especially as I’m getting closer to my due date. A little scary at first because you wonder whether it’s your water slowly leaking etc. but, it is normal.

What does he feel like?? A fish.

I’ll get a foot, a hip, an elbow, and probably a head butt… it is painful when he barely fits in there! It’s stretching my skin every time he does it. I imagine the feeling when a fish is inside a small bag and your on your way home to put it in a tank… yeah.. lol! However, this means he’s okay.

This ALL means that he is okay in there, and that is the greatest blessing and biggest thing we can ask for. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be fun. And it is okay to feel any feelings that you’re feeling. YOU ARE NOT BEING JUDGED. Pregnancy is hard. When I truly began feeling this way, a little part of me felt guilty. I thought, ‘there are people who never get to feel this and I’m over here complaining…’ but my feelings are valid too. They are 2 completely separate things and I don’t have any less of a right to feel strongly about how I feel.

Do Ernie and I want more kids after this? Yes. Will it happen? I have no clue. If it does, will I enjoy it? Probably not, but at least I’ll know what to expect. We pray that Elijah arrives healthy & in one beautiful piece. I also pray that when it comes time for a second, everything works out as intended.

Lastly, I wish ALL the mamas out there healthy pregnancies, deliveries, and mental stability. I wish all the women who don’t experience this process and want to, positivity and miracles in other capacities. And to all the women who don’t choose to go through this process, I hear you, and respect you.

I support you all and I appreciate the support I have. ❤️


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I am a woman with a past but a very bright future. I call this mindfulmess because as mindful as I try to be, things can still get a little messy- and that is okay. My beliefs, be strong, love yourself, be kind, and travel often. Life is all about the moments you create.

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