Learn to Love Other People’s Love

This is something that has been heavy on my mind lately. I saw a post that said, “have a child and you’ll see who your real ‘people’ are.” Which, I agree with… but I also don’t think that people have to go through such drastic measures to decide if people are good for them or not… just saying…

I’m just really bummed. I really try to be a good person to people. I am NOT a needy friend/person. I don’t need to talk to you every day or week. You don’t have to do things or go out of your way for me to prove that we are friends.

I try to randomly text or reach out to others. I’ll send a Venmo for a coffee/shot (which ever you prefer or need that week) I’ll invite to family BBQs or events. Our house is always open to others. If someone has had big life events, I help or participate in any way I can.

I’m the person that will take the stress off of you and run the party. I will throw the party. I want people to feel special and if it’s your day, it’s YOUR day.

It’s just not fair when you do things and bend over backwards for people and it isn’t reciprocated. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do those things expecting something in return- but shit… really?

My love language is giving. Whether it be time, items, money, advice, etc.

I have to learn to love others for the way that they love in return. Their language may be very different and even though it might hurt or sting a little bit, it doesn’t mean the relationship is broken etc.

You also have to factor in personalities. I am an extrovert. I am outgoing, outspoken, out there…. I can take something on and run with it. I do my best and follow through. I follow through. However, not everyone is like that- and it’s okay, just don’t dwell on it.

You have to love your people for who they are and how they are. It’s okay to take a step back when they overwhelm you (or underwhelm you) and remember that your happiness and heart are the things that matter most.

While I sit here pregnant, miserable and about to explode, it is fun to see who is in your bubble, giving you the support you need, and giving you the love you deserve. I appreciate the effort put in by others and still love the people who show little to no effort. It’s definitely a part of life, families are growing, and falling into place.


Published by WorldReyes

I am a woman with a past but a very bright future. I call this mindfulmess because as mindful as I try to be, things can still get a little messy- and that is okay. My beliefs, be strong, love yourself, be kind, and travel often. Life is all about the moments you create.

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