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Sleep Routine at 4 days old!?

Yup! You heard it right! Mama and daddy were not having this no-sleep sporadic schedule stuff! (and Scarlett definitely wasn’t either!) It is no secret that having a baby turns your life upside down-this is probably the one thing that EVERYONE tells you while pregnant… Your body changes, mood swings, your mental and physical health…

Postpartum- Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me This!?

Squeezing this whole human out was a breeze! Lol yeah right… it was a lot of work and tiring but it was 100% worth every stitch, stretch mark, and tear shed. YOU ARE NOT SUPERWOMAN. Nope, don’t even try to be. It’s not worth it. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked and disappointed…

Learn to Love Other People’s Love

This is something that has been heavy on my mind lately. I saw a post that said, “have a child and you’ll see who your real ‘people’ are.” Which, I agree with… but I also don’t think that people have to go through such drastic measures to decide if people are good for them or…

I strongly dislike being pregnant.

Eeeeekkk! Why would you say that? Well… because I don’t. The last 6 months have been an absolute blessing. We found out we were pregnant in February and Elijah would be here in October. I am now about 8 weeks away and I am READY. No one tells you about the TRUE adventure of pregnancy.…


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Hi, I’m Sandra. An early childhood educator/administrator, cheerleading coach, entrepreneur and full time mama. When I get an idea of any sort, I set my goals and run with it. I spend most of my time with baby E, Scarlett and husband, Ernie. I love this blog because it allows me to express myself, while also hoping to impact/help others. I am an outspoken Leo mama and I love with my whole heart… but sometimes my face says what my brain thinks and it can get me into trouble. This blog is a way to tell my story, share my love of travel, food and sharing my unsugar-coated life experiences with you!

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