MM Boutique

Mindful Mama Boutique focuses on items for baby, children, and mama’s. MMB began while I was pregnant and looking for cute baby clothing/products. I couldn’t understand the fact that so many clothing stores offered very expensive items even though the baby only wears them once or twice! I started this adventure with a few things in mind, affordability, cute, and fun! I am working every day to decide what I can offer in the boutique and how I can personally help out other women and babies! I love being able to offer handmade products from women owned small shops. Please join our adventure by signing up for emails. Go to our page to see what we have and follow us on Instagram to see any sneak peaks or to see what people are customizing etc.

Mindful Mama Boutique

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Please let us know what you are interested in seeing in our boutique! We love ALL the ideas.

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